Many people who sell a house have very little knowledge about the selling process and what buyers are looking for...

Most people market with an Estate Agent having been given the highest valuation over their competitors.


Many houses are marketed at the wrong price and in poor condition both internally and externally.


First Impressions Count!


Buyers generally search for their new home via the property websites. This entails searching an area, type of property and the amount they are looking to spend. Buyers will then get a list of houses available.


Your property has to standout from the crowd.  Your photograph has to be clean and sharp and the description eye catching, rather than the agent advertising that they are happy to be offering another property for sale!


If the buyer is interested in your property, they will click on the details and your full description and photographs become available. Photographs can say a thousand words, so they have to show off your homes best side.


We deal with landlords, house owners and tenants on a regular basis.


The below is a few photographs that agents and clients were using  on the internet to market their homes!


Case Study



Property Maintenance


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2013-09-09 15.17.26

A dining room being marketed for sale by an Estate Agent


The same dining room having been staged. We decorated the room and installed new carpets.


The room is now a neutral colour room and looks bright and clean.



The same room having been decorated to a standard that a potential buyer would be interested in viewing without putting them off.



Would you consider viewing this property?